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[Translation from English to Japanese ] What size does the red jacket that is labeled a jacket for women while it's T...

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What size does the red jacket that is labeled a jacket for women while it's
Twin Bliue counterpart is labeled
Men's I like the red better I have too many blue kimonos I like he red better but reserve one in large or extra large hopefully the red one....please! I
I must have line in United States its men that kimonos are
Now in style for as
Women have already rocked it on the runways now cater to middle and upper class men! I'd love the red !
Arigato my Nippon friends! A desired regular client Theo craves rocking your creAtions in the U.S. ( name is not Theo it is my auto correct I meant to say "that" lol)
ka28310 Translated by ka28310
女性用ジャケットとラベルに書かれた赤いジャケットのサイズはどのくらいですか? Twin Bliueの対応サイズははSサイズと表示されているようですが。

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