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- I don't think there is any our concern regarding your technical skills. In this review, we would like to confirm if you match our office environment and our jobs rather than your technical skills. Regarding the detailed career path, please talk with our president.
- We will inform you about the information about our company as accurately as possible in order to avoid any mismatches.
- As far as we review your resume, we believe you have performed better than us from both academic and business perspective. We would like you to join our company by all means, but you may feel somehow insufficient against our company.
- According to the manuscript of your professional activities, you were the lecturer at A University, but was your lecture performed in Japanese?
- Since we would like to take part in overseas project in the future, I think you are well qualified for the mission, but currently 100% of our clients are domestic companies. Therefore it is a prerequisite for you to communicate with the clients in Japanese. Not to mention, you need not be worried about Japanese language because we strongly support you, but we expect you need to make your efforts to master Japanese. Can you please tell me if you are confident about that?

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I have been working in semiconductor system LSI design and verification busin...