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[Translation from English to Japanese ] ① It describes your ancestral heritage and your links with the past, as well ...

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It describes your ancestral heritage and your links with the past, as well as the family you may create.

Idea behind the words - investing in people and using some imagination to expand the business may well bring more public acclaim and success.

Idea behind the words - This will be successful if you go slowly and responsibly.
It’s worth putting honesty and trust into a relationship to build stable foundations.
Think of other words to expand on the keywords, which are more personal, but in the same context.

The SUN also rules:
Sunday, Diamonds, Gold, Peacocks, Swans, Rings,

AQUARIUS also rules the following places:
Arizona (USA), Kansas (USA), Massachusetts (USA),
kazama Translated by kazama


言葉の意図 - 事業拡大の為に人へ投資、想像力を働かせる事が、さらなる世間からの指示と成功をもたらす事でしょう。

言葉の意図 - ゆっくりと責任を持って進めば、これは成功するでしょう。


米国アリゾナ州、 米国カンザス州、米国マサチューセッツ州

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