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[Translation from Japanese to English ] A building has been planned for a site that has just been reclaimed. At the...

kamitoki Translated by kamitoki
A building has been planned for a site that has just been reclaimed.
At the protruding portion at the second floor that looks like a chimney which has become a particular feature, has children's rooms and storage, while at the first floor, by ensuring the other important rooms are there, carries out the wishes of the client who will "live in it as a bungalow in the future".
In addition, the interior takes into account the possibility of being surrounded by other houses in the future, the large entryway to the second floor has a high ceiling, and the floor is laid like slatted wood in order to guarantee lighting to the lower floor. The gaps in the floor are filled with acrylic to ensure that the air-conditioning does not escape.
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