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[Translation from English to Japanese ] M社から作業見積が来ました。ご確認ください。 以下の見積を参考に、彩色サンプルの制作数量を決めてください。 キャラクターA 今回既存の製品から複製を取り...

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angel5 Translated by angel5
The work estimate has arrived from M. Please check it out.
I would like you to decide how many color samples to make, considering the following estimates.

Character A
This time, existing products will be copied and used to make original molds for mold making.
*cost for adjusting molds (cost for adjusting shrinking and distortion of the product caused by copying)
*cost for silicon mold building
*cost for product replication (without coloring)
*cost for product coloring

*The estimate for Character B was calculated based on Character A’s estimate, therefore, the cost may be higher or lower by 10% depending on how the shape and color of the character is complicated.

If you can place an order today or tomorrow, we will be able to deliver them by the date you wished.

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English → Japanese
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about 1 hour
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大学では英語を専攻。翻訳歴5年、英語→日本語, 日本語→英語の対応が可能です。得意分野は過去の職歴上、コレポンをしていたので、メール文書のやり取りの翻訳で...