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It's sudden but I'd like you to make an official announcement about loaning this place, and I'd be happy if you could read the long letter expressing my gratitude when you have time. We as a couple began trying to have a baby from about a year ago, but male infertility was discovered by them and we received infertility treatment. Because there was still no treatment for his problem, they used drugs on the body of the woman, and only gave treatment to artificially assist pregnancy. The age of my womb was especially young and easily suffered side effects, so it was accompanied by a pain that made me scream out loud, disturbed my hormonal balance, and my mind and body was rapidly broken together with this. That is the cause of the relapse in chronic disease, and I fell into a situation of being in hospital and not getting dialysis treatment. After a short period I lost my voice, cut off contact with friends and acquaintances, stayed home and was cornered one step this side of suicide. He supported me in that way too, I blamed myself, and spent every day very painfully. He didn't once become emotional at my emotional instability, and always gave maximum care to my mind and body with tenderness and affection. Not stopping trying to have a baby up to this point, this is connected to the problem of seriously declining birth rates in Japan. The pressure from other people that a married couple should have children and it is just too natural made us crazy although they do not mean to be evil.
We talked and decided to re-start a treatment next year again after taking a rest for a while.
During this recharging period, we could remember ourselves and our genuine thought.
'We did not marry each other because wanted children. We did not wish to have a standard life that everyone envies. Just we wanted to be with each other because, when we were together, we enjoyed it, were relaxed and very happy, and love each other from the bottom of our hearts. Children were not necessary in our love in the first place.' If we start the treatment next year as we planned, it would not be difficult to get pregnant regarding my uterus age and the number of oocytes. Our doctor also said that.
But we have rather decided to choose a life without children.
Of course, we would have been very happy if we could have children.
I cannot tell how much we have been longing for huggin our baby in the arms. But after we suffered and considered a lot, as a result of pursuit of a true happiness for us we have decided that we live our lives just with two of us without children.
We want to live a fancy and joyful life together that is only possible because we do not have children and we are unique.
We will not care what others think and will live like ourselves.
I would be happy if my message here would catch an eye of someone who is suffering from the similar problem, would relieve their pain even a little, or would motivate them to have new choices and hopes. Also I would like people (particularly Japanese people) to know how much unkind words, which come from ignorance, hurt someone who is suffering from infertility, and such a serious situation in Japan that those words can even make them to kill themselves.
I also want them to know that the causes of infertility is in males in about a half of the cases.
I respect and appreciate his audacity and bravery because he agreed to disclosing such a sensitive issue in order to let people know better about infertility and to protect me from others.
It is because of his deep love that I could spend the painful year with smiling.
Thank you all for reading this very personal writing.
I used to be lonely but all the communication here on Instagram have given me lots of love and encouragement.
Your warmhearted words and kindness saved me throughout the year.
We are at the next starting point in life by thanking you now.
I am really thankful for your reading.

My very best wishes for your health and happiness. With all our love and gratitude.
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私達夫婦は1年程前から妊活を始めましたが、彼の方に男性不妊が見つかり不妊治療を受けていました。 彼の問題はまだ治療法が無い為、女性側の体に薬物を用い人工的に妊娠をアシストする治療法しかありませんでした。
ここまできても妊活をやめようとしなかったのは、日本の深刻な少子化問題と繋がりがあります。 結婚したら子を産むべき、産むのが当たり前、子がいない夫婦への周囲の悪意無き圧力などが、私達の考えを狂わせていた様に感じます。
『私達は子供が欲しいから結婚した訳ではない。私達は皆が羨む普通の人生を望んでいた訳ではない。只一緒にいる事がとても楽しく心安らいで幸せで、お互いを心底愛しているから一緒になっただけの事。そこに元々子供という文字はなかった』 来年から予定通り治療をスタ-トすれば、子宮年齢や卵の数から診ても妊娠自体は難しい事ではなかった筈ですし医師もそう診断しています。
2人の赤ちゃんをこの腕で抱く事をどれだけ楽しみに待ち望んでいたか計り知れません。 ただ、2人で沢山悩み考え抜いた末、2人にとっての本当の幸せの在り方を追求した結果、私達は子供は持たず、2人で人生を添い遂げようという決断に至りました。
このメッセ-ジが、同じ様な悩みを持ち苦しんでいる人の目に止まり、少しでも辛い気持ちが浄化されたり、新しい選択や希望を持つきっかけになってくれれば嬉しいです。 そして無知が故、心許ない言葉がどれだけ不妊の問題を抱えている人を傷つけるか、それにより自ら命を落とす人もいるという深刻な日本の現状を周囲の人(特に日本人の方)に知ってほしいです。
辛い1年を笑顔を忘れず過ごす事が出来たのは彼の深い愛情のおかげです。 長文、そして一方的で個人的な内容にも関わらず、読んで下さりありがとうございました。

皆さんの幸せと健康を心からお祈り致します。 愛と感謝の気持ちを込めて..

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