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[Translation from Japanese to English ] It must be good if you proceed negotiation by limiting these 26 companies tha...

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B: Owner of the inventory is another company

If you negotiate with another company to purchase the inventory, it means that the company manages the inventory as its asset. Therefore, it means to request the agency in place of B.
I suggest 4 ideas to look for the agency to which negotiation is made.

1st is to negotiate with the distributor that sells item of A currently.
This is a list of the companies that have sold the item of A where B is doing business as of 2014. It must be good if you proceed negotiation by limiting these 26 companies that recognize A at first. Among them, there might be a company that is positive about being an agency in place of B.

2nd is a large group by focusing on pharmaceutical item that is listed in attached file 1.
They are E, F and G.
As there are several people who had been involved in K, which is an affiliate of E, in work, we can collect information from them and negotiate.
If the volume is as large as the current volume, they might purchase the inventory.
However, it means that "it does not mean that there is no possibility".
It must be a big problem.
3rd is that I heard that there was a distributor who applied as C's agency before C was established. I did not have a good impression in the beginning and end of the story, but there was a company that was going to apply. It might be a good idea to talk with the company.

4th is that you select quite a large company from the data of the list of distributors in Japan, which I had attached before, and negotiate with it.

These are all four ideas.
The reason why I propose the method to look for the company to negotiate as the general agency was that I have considered the case we, as A, would not think of establishment of branch or subsidiary company.
I myself think that it currently is very difficult to find out the company we can ask as the agency from the below three reasons as I have reported before.

- Too low gross margin at this moment
- No name-brand of A in Japanese market
- 9th participation into Japanese market There is a certain possibility requiring to consider alternatives resultingly.
In that case my burdon is heavy and I think it is rather constructive and realistic to consider the idea that I establish an exclusive agency.


First, I deeply apologize to you again since I was late in providing a plan.
I have suggested several plans for the problem.
What I believe the best is to entrust logistics to outsourcer. I strongly recommend to entrust to B.
As I listed, there are several demerits, but there must be more merits for each of us.
Of course, if we cannot come to conclusion in negotiation, we do not have to entrust to B. By realizing lubricant delivery and sales marketing without reducing customer's satisfaction, I suggest the plan this time by considering realization of management with lowest cost.
I am looking forward to holding a meeting with more detailed content soon.
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このリストは2014年時点のBが取引しているA製品の販売実績がある会社リストです。 26社と取引をしています。 まずはAを認識しているこの26社に絞り込んで交渉を進めたほうがいいと考えます。

とはいえあくまでも、「可能性が無い訳ではない」という程度の話で、ハードルはかなり高いと考えます 3つめはC設立前にCの総代理店として立候補したDistributorがあったと聞いています。話の発端と結果の印象が良くない話でしたが、あくまでも立候補する姿勢のある業者がいたということです。そこに話をしてみるのも良いかもしれません。

4つ目は以前添付した日本のDistributor一覧データから特に規模の大きい企業を選抜して交渉をすることです。以前話に合ったHも該当します。 以上の4案になりますが、今回私が総代理店交渉先を探す方法案を用意したのは、Aとして、支店もしくは子会社の設立検討はしないというお考えであった場合を考慮した為です。

・日本で9社目の参入になること 結果的に別案を考慮しなくてはならない可能性は十分あり得ます。
その際は私の負担が大きいですが、私が総代理店を設立する案を検討していただいたほうが建設的かつ現実的だと考えます 総括
記載した通り、いくつかのデメリットはありますが、お互いにとってメリットのほうが多いと考えます。もちろん折り合いがつかなければBに依頼する必要はないと考えます。 顧客満足度を下げない潤滑なデリバリーとセールスマーケティングを実現させながらも、極力ローコストでの運営実現を考え今回のプランを提案させていただきます。

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