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・Jから製品についての依頼や質問が無いため、情報収集や情報拡散する必要がない。 ・メーカーとの接触は患者会での短い時間しかない


情報の入手先(複数回答可、括弧は前回調査) 販売促進循環の内容は下記の通り。
① 厳選施設(大学病院等)に在籍している著名なJに製品評価をタイアップしてもらう。可能な限り評価文献作成を依頼する。
依頼時は、「A製品は世界で販売実績がある信用のある製品」であることを強調し、海外での製品評価データは提示できるが、日本での実績・評価データがないため、使用評価を協力してほしいと依頼する。 その評価結果をもとに主要都市の関連施設に営業をかけていく。
製品にブランド力がついたことにより、これまで手に取ったことがないJたちが安心してAに勧めることができる。また、Jの横のつながりで情報が広がっていく。 ①-②-①のサイクルで信用を構築する。またタイアップ・文献作成の依頼先が広がる。

[Deleted Account] Translated by [Deleted Account]
・Because B does not provide information regularly, I do not know about B well and I do not trust their products. Therefore, I cannot recommend B to A and J positively.
・Because I have a better relationship with other companies (particularly the five largest companies), the cost-performance is much better with them, and I do not need to make sales visits unless I can ensure high profits.
・Because J did not request or ask about products, it is not necessary to collect or spread information.
・Contact with the maker is possible in the patients' society meeting only for a short while.
Therefore, patients can collect information about A from J, staffs who deliver the product, or another patient, or on the internet.

For the reasons stated above, I speculate that the biggest reason of the poor business performance is that "A and products of A failed to earn trust due to a lack of information" overall.
Because of that, it is very likely that A is failing to gain even one of the few opportunities of usage and purchase.

Sources of information (multiple answers allowed; parentheses are the previous survey)
A sales promotion cycle works as follows.
① Ask a famous J who belongs to a well-selected facility (such as a university hospital) for product assessment in tie-ups. If possible, ask for making assessment reference.
When you ask, emphasize that "products of A has been sold and earned trust in the world", and tell that you can show product assessment data overseas, but you do not have sales records and assessment data in Japan, so you need his/her help for usage assessment.
Make sales visits to related facilities in major cities based on the assessment result.
Because the product has a strong brand now, Js who have never used it can now recommend A with ease. Also, Js will spread the information among them.
Establish trust by ①-②-① cycle. Also find more Js to request tie-ups and reference creation.
Spread the information by ②-③-④-② cycle, and it will contribute to sales promotion.

This is the sales promotion cycle that I propose. This cycle is the "mechanism for good sales", and I am certain that establishing this cycle is the key for success.
Otherwise, the products will remain untrusted, and as a way of sales promotion of untrusted products you will have to ask Distributor for sales cooperation for lower prices than other companies, which results in a vicious cycle of low profitability and deficit.
Translated by sujiko
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