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[Translation from Japanese to English ] At present, 26 distributors have saled the product A. Let's try to adopt "...

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2. Delegating logistics management only to B
This is a method to delegate the above shown operating portion only to B.
As I told you before B's system is never credible and I am not covering them, but certain thing is they have enough experiences of the series of handling for importing, storing, management and shipping. The greatest benefit of this is we do not need to establish the system from the beginnig and we can do smooth distribution as in the past.
Conversely, they can firmly do logistics exceptionally. For B, it is an advantage to be able to obtain a profit from the administration cost without sales activities and B will agree to hold negotiations delightedly, rather than having no profit after the termination of agency agreement.
Aithough there are disadvantages like poor business results and dangerousness of the information leak to D, I think this method is lowest-risk and it is better to get B's estimation like other logistics service providers. 3. Delegating to the pharmaceutical sales groups
The distribution channel is different from the above two proposals.
This is a sales method I have experienced when I was working before for B as a distributor.
General medical and pharmaceutical whole sales groups have establised their own huge networks and some of them have sales branches all over Japan.
E, F and G are typical examples. Such huge group companies have several stronghold warehouses in Japan and have established own distribution systems.
H company, we talked about the other day, is one of the members of group I, and seems not having any special company for delivery.

From my experience, as is shown in above drawing, it is as system where a distributor nearby goes to each office to pick up an item. I assume that we can handle more flexibly.
However, the problem of this system is that a distributor has to open a new account with pharmaceutical company. Another problem is that some distributors might not be able to continue sales by condition of business. For this reason, it is better to avoid this if we consider the situation of distributor who is a customer. However, as parent company is large, it is a suggestion where we can expand range of handling by negotiation. As there are some people who had been involved in affiliate of E in the work, we can collect information from them and negotiate. It is a way to manage and operate within our own sales office.
Since initial quantity is low, we think logistics management is easy. but I think that it will take a reasonable amount of time to establish internal organization.
It is necessary two persons, in charge of responsible person / sales office, at minimum.Logistics management can be handled by one part-time system of two part-timers.
And we also need an inventory management space so we need an office of reasonable size.
It is my speculation that I think that about 30㎡ is probably sufficient.
I think that the best location is Tokyo because we can get confidence from our customers easier.

At present, 26 distributors have saled the product A.

Let's try to adopt "Business partner data for B in 2014" to the population ranking map that I proposed before.

It is self-explanatory that business partners already exist in 12 cities among top 15 large population cities.

26 companies are not many at all. It will be a sufficient base to develop the sales mainly in large cities, and we can limit target of the sales strictly.
In our new start, we do not execute a contract with new agency. Instead, we have to strengthen the relationship with these agencies we have hardly followed up so far and have been introducing and using the items. I believe that we can increase the sales amount by it. In regard with "sales marketing", it means to "set a system to sell" here.
I consider the reason why the items have not been sold well so far from each situation.

As no information has been provided from B every day, we can obtain information only from a large academic conference and study meeting.
Therefore, many nurses have heard items but have not seen them in person.
Even if we search on Internet to obtain information, we cannot obtain it from homepage of B.
We do not have to be interested in only item of A. We can solve a problem by using the item of another company.
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逆に言えば物流だけはしっかりできるということです。 Bとしても代理店契約終了後、利益がゼロになるよりは、営業活動をしなくても管理費で利益を得られることはメリットであり、喜んで交渉に応じると考えます。
先日話に出たHはIというグループの一員ですが、このグループはグループ内にデリバリー専門企業は入っていないようです。 私の経験では上記図のように各営業所に近隣のDistributorが製品を引き取りに行く方法でしたが、より柔軟な対応は可能だと思われます
Eのグループ会社に仕事で関わった方が数人いるのでそこから情報収集及び交渉は可能です 自社営業所を構えて営業所内で管理運営する方法です。
場所はやはり東京に置いたほうが顧客から信用を得やすいと考えます。 現在26社のDistributorがA製品の販売実績があります

「2014年時点 B取引先Date」を以前提示した人工順MAPにあてはめてみます。

人口の多い都市順の上位15都市中12都市にすでに取引先が存在していることが一目瞭然です。 26社という数は決して多くはありませんが、大都市中心の営業展開を可能にする十分な土台になり、営業ターゲットをかなり絞ることができます。
新たなスタートにあたり新規の代理店と契約を交わすよりも、これまでほとんどフォローできていないにも拘らず、製品を紹介・使用してくれていたこれらの代理店との関係を強固にすることが急務であり、それだけで売り上げUPにつながると考えます。 「Sales Marketing」の考え方ですがここでは「売れる仕組みを作る」という意味で進めます。
・情報を得るためにインターネット検索をしても、B Homepageからは情報を得られない。

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