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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Although you had requested to hold a new meeting by the end of September, but...

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Although you had requested to hold a new meeting by the end of September, but we are very sorry that we could not satisfy your request. We sincerely apologize about that.

As a matter of fact, I was hit by a car driven by a driver looking away off me in the middle of August, and I had to concentrate on my own treatment.
It may not proof this fact because my name is not written on it, but this is my X-ray photo.

Per a piece,
If we ship 700 items per month (besides the quantity inspection at the time of delivery):

If we issue 700 vouchers for 700 items:

In addition to this, packing materials fee for shipping (bag, cardboard, tape, voucher) and shipping fee would cost on a separate note.
Of course an extra cost may arise, but it should be able to attain a major cost down than hiring a logistics personnel.
Also, many warehouses including Amazon are available to handle internet sales system and internet order can be shipped at 24 hours a day. Also it will enable us to ship items per piece, which I have no doubt that we will gain good reputations from our patients. Fortunately the diagnosis was that it would take only 6 weeks to heal crush fracture in the right collarbone. But I got bruises all over the body not just a fracture, and it took me a long time to recover despite my wish to recover soon. I can manage the daily life, but I am in rehabilitation yet. I would appreciate that you would understand that this incident caused a critical impact on making the document.
I guess that I have lost your trust badly, but I wish from the bottom of my heart that your interest in Japanese market would continue as long as possible.

I made the document for this time about the three and extra tasks that were given in the previous meeting. When reporting the topic, it is divided into 2 points about "who is the owner of inventory?".
It means that if the company owns the inventory or another company purchases and manages it.
As details of the report is changed by it, we considered each pattern this time.

A: The company is the owner: attached file A
B: Another company is the owner: attached file B

As the topic this time applies to A, would you check the attached file A? A: The company is owner of the inventory.

If the company is owner of the inventory, we have to register in some way.

I thought that I do marketing by myself as a staff of Salts Healthcare stationed in Japan and outsource the logistics. But I checked it and found that the stationed staff is registered that is authorized only while doing marketing before starting the business abroad. For this reason, he or she cannot do marketing directly.
Then what should we do? I suggest "to establish a branch".
\When we met first time, you said that it is not realistic to establish A.
However, when you saw the report of Japanese market afterwards, I wonder if you might be
interested in considering establishing to a certain extent?
I do not mean establishing A as a subsidiary but as a "branch".
But there are merit and demerit in registration, problem and processing of clerical work in respect with "subsidiary" and "branch".
Therefore, we have to discuss in detail to decide which is appropriate. I cannot decide it by myself. At first, I would like you to discuss by selecting that we increase the sales profit by the minimum system as a "branch".
Please refer to the following website for explanation of the branch and stationed staff.
Please refer to here in regard with the establishment.
I suggest 3 problems by assuming selecting branch, but we have 2 important points before that. We should not reduce customer's satisfaction of logistics more than so far as a result of changing from B.
We have to process B's inventory in advance.
When we perform either plan, as B is an owner of the inventory and it is sold as an asset B,
unless we process B's inventory in some way, there are 2 sellers in the market.
It causes a confusion. It means that we need to work on it unless we postpone the contract with B.
I heard that C purchased back the B's inventory. As C did, I believe that we can prevent the trouble as much as possible by purchasing back it. I check the current situation. As is shown in the drawing, B is distributing it across the nation as an agency.
I suggest 4 proposals below as a delivery system in place of B.

1. Entrust to logistics total outsourcer.
2. Entrust only management of logistics to B.
3. Entrust to a sales group of medical and pharmaceutical item.
4. The company manages it by itself.

1. Entrust to logistics total outsourcer
It must be the clearest option. We entrust to the logistics company that handles medical field.
The item basically arrives next day of the delivery day across the nation.
Even if it is sent far away, it arrives the day after the next of the delivery day.

The merit is that as it is supported comprehensively ranging from receiving the inventory in the warehouse, storing it, processing it and sending out from the warehouse, we can entrust it by lump-sum, which reduces expense required for the person who manages the warehouse.
As for cost, 1 company is providing the estimate for reference. Based on it, each company can negotiate it.
As for distribution volume provided, it is based on the shipment data of B between 2013 and 2014. Monthly average shipment is 700 items.
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1部につき 1か月700点の出荷の場合(入荷時の点数検品は別として)


また、Amazonを含めネット販売システムに対応している倉庫が多く、ネット注文は24時間出荷可能。また製品のバラ出荷対応が可能になり患者から好評価を得ることは間違いありません 幸いにも右鎖骨粉砕骨折で全治6週間という診断だけで済みましたが、骨折以外にも全身打撲で、不本意ながら回復にかなりの時間を要しました。日常生活に支障はありませんが、現在もリハビリをしています。この一件が資料作成に多大な悪影響を及ぼしたことをご理解頂ければ幸いです。


履歴書の提出 課題報告にあたり、「在庫の所有名義を誰にするのか」という点で二分化されます。



A : 所有名義を自社にする 添付ファイルA
B : 所有名義を他社にする 添付ファイルB

尚、今回の課題はAに該当する内容と考えますので、まずは添付ファイルAをご覧ください。 A:在庫名義を自社にする



ではどうするか。 「支店設立」を提案します。
とはいえ「子会社」と「支店」は登記や課税、事務処理の点など、それぞれにメリットデメリットがあるのでどちらが適しているかは綿密な検討が必要なため、とても私が決められる案件ではありません。 まずは「支店」として必要最小限の体制で営業利益を伸ばすことを選択肢として検討していただきたいのです。



いずれのプランを遂行するにしても現在はBが在庫の所有者でありBの資産として販売しているため、何かしらの方法でB在庫の処理をしなければ市場に販売元が2社存在することになり混乱をもたらしてしまいます これはBとの契約を延長しない限り必要な作業になります

では課題報告をいたします 現状確認です。図の流れの通り現在はBが総代理店として全国に流通しております。


 この方法が最も明瞭な選択肢と考えます。 医療業界に対応している物流業者に依頼します。
提示した物流量は 2013~2014 Bの出荷dataを基本としています。月間平均700品目の出荷としています

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