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Health chiefs say average commuter adds 767 calories a week snacking
The habit could be damaging the health of millions of commuters
Findings emerged in report published by Royal Society of Public Health
Grabbing a croissant on the way to work may seem convenient – but it could be adding inches to your waistline.
Health chiefs calculate that the average commuter adds 767 calories per week to their diet by snacking to and from work.
The habit, which adds the equivalent of three Mars bars weekly, could be damaging the health of millions and even shortening commuters' lives, according to a report published today by the Royal Society of Public Health. More than 24million people in England and Wales commute to work, with an average round- trip time of 56 minutes, rising to 79 minutes in London.
RSPH polls suggest 33 per cent snack en route, with 29 per cent going to fast food restaurants on their way to or from work.
The organisation's Health in a Hurry report also finds that travelling to work by rail, bus and car is linked to increased stress, higher blood pressure and weight, and reduced time available for healthy activities such as cooking, exercise and sleeping.
It calls on more employers to allow staff to work from home, with more flexible working hours to avoid rush hour.
Some 58 per cent of the 1,500 Britons polled felt that flexible hours would improve their health.
Shirley Cramer, RSPH chief executive, said: 'For some, the daily commute can be a pleasurable experience, giving time for reflection or an opportunity to relax, but for an increasing number it is having a damaging effect on our health.
'As the length of our commute increases, this impact is getting worse.'
Commuting adds 800 calories a week to our diet turning the rat race into the fat race
ka28310 Translated by ka28310
クロワッサンを通勤途中に食べるのは便利で手軽なように見える、- が、あなたのウエストのサイズを1インチ上乗せしかねないのです。

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