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for technically reasons we can only submit 1st line of cargo description field , in example 3 it would be "FOOD"
and both probably having the same code 2104. The 2nd line Soybean paste will not be submitted unless a 2nd sequence will be opened, furthermore I suppose code will differ from 2104 as well.

We are generating a pre-customs declaration (SUM-A/ATB) using the data being manifested in system. This data is stored in customs system under a so called ATB No. which is essentially needed to arrange the subsequent customs process. Customs authority is now comparing the information received from carrier (ATB) and from consignee (fiscal clearance declaration or T1 doc application) which should match to a certain point. If discrepancies found they may demand an amendment of the ATB No. which is not done easily and causes loads of troubles. Hence we are seeking for most accurate data right from the beginning.
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