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[Translation from Japanese to English ] This is the introduction of "AAA Plan", a plan that allows you to revel in "D...

soulsensei Translated by soulsensei
This is the introduction of "AAA Plan", a plan that allows you to revel in "Dom Perignon" - a phrase synonymous with high-class Japan - merrily.

As you gaze at the horizon from the Ferris Wheel at the bustling heart of town, you can enjoy a time like no other as you savor the ambience of Dom Perignon that is freely radiating around you. We present you active and executive cruising, which makes for an exceptional occasion!
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高級シャンパンの代名詞とも言える “ドンペリニョン” を心ゆくまで愉しんでいただく、“AAA Plan” のご案内です。


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