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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I think I misunderstood the behavior of "fugo". In this particular case, it ...

bluejeans71 Translated by bluejeans71
I seem to have misunderstood the action of "fugo".
It is likely that a description of "hoge" on this case will help us gain some expecting results.

It was totally nonsense to have mixed with "fugo" and "hoge" in the first place.

I confirmed that "hoge" was interpreted as "bar " on the program.
I have also confiemd that # "hoge" is overriding "bar".

Am I right with my understanding above?
User's Request Text
"fugo" の挙動について少し勘違いをしていたようでした.
このケースにおいては "hoge" の記述をしても期待する結果を得られそうです.

"fugo" と "hoge" を混在させていることがそもそもナンセンスでした.

# "hoge"は"bar"をオーバーライドしているということを理解しました.


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