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[Translation from Japanese to English ] We feel fear about a variety of situations in life. His disciples were full ...

sujiko Translated by sujiko
We feel fear about a variety of situations in life. His disciples were full of fear. They closed their mind and closed themselves by not disclosing that they were following Jesus Christ. They did not carry out the mission entrusted by Jesus.
Sending by trust
The Jesus by Resurrection encouraged and sent the disciples who were in their house by locking the door since they were afraid of Jews. As a result, this episode has been told to people.
Ambassadors from each country has been sent to each part of the world.
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信頼による派遣 ユダヤ人たちを恐れて家の戸の鍵をかけて閉じこもっていた弟子たちを、この復活のイエスが勇気づけ、派遣しました。それで、この出来事が人びとにも語り伝えられることとなったのです。

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