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2. Wholesale Prices:
Anew Planner (comes with 1 Black Pen)
Quantity: 1, 000 books Price: US$20each
Quantity: 3, 000 books Price: US$17each

Notebook (comes with 1 Black Pen) / Sketchbook (comes with 1 Red Pen)
Quantity:1, 000 books Price:US$16each
Quantity:3, 000 books Price:US$13each

3. Product Structure Descriptions:
All inside pages are treated with special dry-erasable whiteboard surface.
Anew book cover uses black matte lamination with a printed foil black color logo. (see photos with different angles to show a subtle reflective effect)
We designed an offset space on top of the books for pen placement. Very convenient as a book+pen carry set.
Each book+pen set will have an individual package designed plastic bag.
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2. 卸売り価格:
数量: 1, 000 冊 価格: US $20 単価
数量: 3, 000 冊 価格: US $17 単価

ノート (黒色ペン1本付属) / スケッチブック (赤色ペン1本付属)
数量:1, 000 冊 価格:US$16単価
数量:3, 000 冊 価格:US$13単価

3. 製品構成の説明:
内部のページ全ては特製な乾燥処理を施した- 消去可能なホワイトボード表面処理済み。

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