[Translation from English to Japanese ] To reactivate your listings, click on “Fix Price Alerts” and then on “Potenti...

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To reactivate your listings, click on “Fix Price Alerts” and then on “Potential Pricing Error” on the left menu to:
- update your offer price, or- confirm your offer price by setting “Your minimum price” and “Your maximum price” in the specified columns so that your offer price is within the minimum and maximum price range. We will alert you in the future if your price falls outside your price range. If you do not use the minimum and maximum price settings, our systems will continue to use internal data to help detect potential pricing errors.

あなたのリスティングを再度アクティヴにするには、「Fix Price Alerts(プライスアラートを固定する)」をクリックし、左側メニューにある「Potential Pricing Error(潜在的な価格エラー)」をクリックします。特定の列にある「最高値」と「最安値」を提案価格が最小と最大価格の範囲に入るように決めて、提案価格をアップデートしたり、確認します。


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