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[Translation from English to Japanese ] CryptoZoo is a new real-world game launched by my Institute for the Future co...

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CryptoZoo is a new real-world game launched by my Institute for the Future colleagues, in partnership with the American Heart Association. There are games scheduled in San Francisco and New York City this weekend and next weekend, but you can play anywhere, anytime. Game designer Jane McGonigal says, "There’s an after-dark night chase and a daytime chase in both cities.. Night-time is a bit more adventurous, daytime more playful and family friendly." From the game description:
ausgc Translated by ausgc
CryptoZoo は私の Institute for the Future の[同僚/仲間/社員]達が、アメリカ心臓協会と共同で発売した(最新の)現実世界のゲームです。




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