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The issuing bank might be HSBC Hong Kong, East West Bank of USA or Standard Chartered Singapore. We will confirm early next week after we submitted the requirements.

For the dump trucks, can you go to Nepal and take a look and test the units so we can choose the dump trucks units we are going to purchase from the seller. We will issue a 180 days DLC for the dump trucks. I hope it will be acceptable with the seller.

Sorry that msg is for my other freind asking a prize of ford escape

Thats means already sold out just few days ago

Can we also use DLC OR SBLCto porchase farm machinireis at 90 days
Translated by ishiotoko
発行銀行はおそらく、HSBC Hong Kongか、East West Bank of USAか、Standard Chartered Singaporeのいずれかです。要求を提出したあとで、来週早々に確認を行います。





(※文脈上 prize はprice の可能性があります。であれば、フォードエスケープの価格、という訳になります)
(※porchase はpurchase と捉えて訳しました)

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