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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Dear I was very busy in this days. Just I tried to move the old telecine...

chrixchie Translated by chrixchie

I was very busy in this days. Just I tried to move the old telecine machine. However because of the complex mechanism, it was happened that it was not stable the speed of the film moreover the weak old film was cut. I think "There lie in advertising".

The machine that has been used only a few hours and its' part all gathered. I would like to ask you, if it is possible to substitute with new machine paying the difference of the price.

I thank you in advance for your kind understanding.
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現在は、こちらの企業に勤め、約17年になります。言語はイタリア語、英語と日本語です。英語はカナダのモントリオールのマクギル大学英語専門学校で勉強しました。 同大学入学への英語レベル資格レ...

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