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Quality Materials

Our products are made with durable, fine-aging canvas. The material itself is sturdy but lightweight for effortless travel and durability. Waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable, our canvas bags epitomize easy maintenance. In sourcing our fabrics, we have chosen to work with cotton mills that have been fine-tuning their craft for nearly a century. We are also proud to use fabrics that are free from harmful treatments, chemicals, and dyes. Whether you are a student, a parent, or a young professional, our high quality bags will reliably get you through your day no matter where you need to go (or what you need to carry).
Why Canvas?
The best thing about canvas is that the more often the bag is used, the better it looks and feels. The material conforms to you, your habits and your lifestyle. While bags made from polyester and nylon tend to degrade over time as they suffer from wear and tear with use, our canvas ensures that your bag will often get better with time. Combined with our timeless designs, that means that even as fashions come and go, your bag will remain classic and current.

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