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A single unit of this equipment provides various menus according to the client.
A can be combined with B to produce results in a short time even from a mass of cellulite where results are hard to obtain.
The waves produced are a kind of ultrasonic wave based on a special frequency.
Concentrating ultrasonic waves in the 40 kHz band in the body produces tens of thousands or even more fine air bubbles in the target fat cells.
The energy generated when these bubbles exceed a critical value and burst is used to emulsify the fat.
A is the most effective for subcutaneous fat and acts on a wide range.
The waves used are a kind of high frequency based on a special frequency.
Applying radio waves to the body vibrates the water, water cells, and other elements in the body as if with a microwave oven, thereby generating friction heat called Joule heat.
This makes the fat cells smaller and promotes blood circulation and lymph flow, thereby making it easy for wastes in the body to flow.
It also promotes the regeneration of collagen and the generation of elastin, thereby alleviating wrinkles and stretch marks and realizing tight, glossy skin.
The range from A to B is called that way. They vary in characteristics according to the frequency band, and they are each used for applications for which each is best suited.
Although it is possible to emulsify the fat, it can't be evacuate
Although it is possible to discharge of the waste, fat can't be eliminated
To get the results you need A + B
If it is A, by emulsifing the fat, it is possible to evacuate it
IGiving ultrasound to the body, will create a bubble in the adipocyte
The bubble created in the fat cells will become larger
When the bubbles became big they will divide the adipocytes, and they will be emulsified.
If you make vibrate the body on the RF, the waste will easily flow out due to the frictional heat
According to the RF's thermal action, the emulsified fat cells will be discharged from the lymphatic duct
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特殊な周波数を使用した高周波の一種です ラジオ波をあてると、電子レンジのように体内の水分や脂肪細胞などを振動させ、ジュール熱という摩擦熱を発生させます。それにより脂肪細胞を小さくしたり、血行やリンパの流れを促進され、体内の老廃物を流しやすくしてくれます

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