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[Translation from Japanese to English ] You can enjoy the real sumo town, bumping into sumo wrestlers and seeing stat...

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The name of Ryogoku is associated with Sumo and also Sumo is associated with Chanko. " Chanko Kirishima", in front of Ryogoku station at holy ground of Sumo.
This restaurant is famous because of the owner Kirishima, a past Ozeki and Mutsu Oyakata. Kirishima, was popular among women since he had a pretty face and good muscles. People said he was like japanese Hercules.

At the chanko restaurant Kirishima produced, the soup of white misho with soup stock from chicken broth is very popular regardless of age and sex.
When a honbasho, an official professional sumo tournament, starts, people come from all over Japan and the restaurant is always crowded. You can enjoy the real sumo town, bumping into sumo wrestlers and seeing statues of them. When you enter Chanko Kirishima, you can have the real hearty Chanko as well as watch the photos and the remembrances of Kirishima on the active.

There is an unusual but popular menu called Sumo croquette, which is amazingly huge.
A huge croquette representing a sumo ring is sitting on the sliced cabbage and two meat balls representing sumo wrestlers face each other. Cutting the hearty croquette which you cannot eat on your own, you can have it with spicy and sweet sauce.
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