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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Going through the gate of the wind god and the thunder god, you reach in fron...

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"Candy-Store Alley" still has the atmosphere of the nostalgic taste.
There is "Candy-Store Alley" which cheap candy stores that becomes fewer as time went on are standing in a row.
This Candy-Store Alley had opened in 1796, and it started when Suzuki Tozaemon had made unaffected candy which native of Edo like in this town flourished as Monzen-machi of Youjyuin.
And then a few popular-priced candy stores increased because they could be set up their own business, they began to produce and supply cheap candy instead of Tokyo which was damaged by Great Kanto Earthquake.
At present, around 20 popular-priced candy stores while still retaining the atmosphere at that time are maintaining Candy-Store Alley.
Surrounded by various types of candies, deciding which of the unique candies to buy, you will find yourself lost in time.
This is a street where you can try traditional Japanese sweets such as neri ame and dango, with the aroma of the burnt sauce.
Would you like to experience the nostalgic Showa era that young boys enjoyed?
Candy stores are lined up with colorful glasses that are displayed on the pavings on the road.
Telephone poles are also painted in brown, matching the atmosphere of the street. Unique shops can be found in Akihabara, which is the center of Otaku culture.
In the Akihabara Gachapon Hall, many gachapon machines can be found. (might be gachapon or gachagacha depending on region)

Inserting a coin (100~500yen), rotating the lever "gachagacha", and capsules containing figurines or keychains will come out with a "pon"! This is what gachapon is.
The pounding excitement you get while opening the capsules captivates both children and adults. Items in gachapon machines are often filled with high quality products, with toys from series such as Dragon Ball, Evangelion and One Piece.
Gachapon machines can be usually found in supermarkets and convenient stores in Japan. However, because of the abundant of choices to choose from, and people embarrassed to buy them on the streets, the gachapon machines here are very popular.
The Akihabara Gachapon Hall is completely packed with over 500 gachapon machines.
Different gachapon series are introduced every week. After passing through Kaminari Jinmon, in from the Asakusa temple, you will see many people gathering in the middle.
Those people are putting the smoke of incent sticks on their head, shoulder or back.
That’s because it is said that “the smoke of this big incent burner will heal the bad parts of the body when you expose.”
Yet some people mistakenly believe that “when you put the smoke on the head, it will make you smarter.” Therefore there are many of them who only put the smoke on their head and go home.

More precisely, the smoke is said to have healing power but only the smoke from your own incent sticks. Therefore I recommend you to buy incent sticks and burn them as a great experience.
This is held when selecting the government's important matters and successors to predict the god's will in ancient times as the origin of a lot, but now, this is the matter to tell people's fortune by praying to divine.

How to take a lot of Sensoji is like this. You shake a cylinder to get a stick written the number on it, then you get a lot on the shelf written the number.
The details are seven kinds such as excellent good luck, good luck, average good luck, average luck, a bit of good luck, a bit of luck, and misfortune, you usually takeout a good luck lot as a charm, and you tie your lot on the stick as the following photo on the right when you draw a misfortune lot.
You have to note how to draw a lot and which lot to tie according to shrines.
Here you can also enjoy variety of Japanese sweets. Take time and relax in the house of real Shitamachi (down town) style if it suits your schedule.
Kaki-gori (a chilled sweet made with shaved ice flavored with syrup) is quite popular in the summer time. The natural ice made by Asami-reizo is used, which you can eat in only 3 places in Japan. This impurity-free ice full of minerals is made from the mountain runoff water in the Hodo-zan (Mount Hodo) of Nagatoro area. The ice shaving, Kakigori, made with a traditional method since the Heian Period is a must-taste if you are visiting in summer.

Take a bite of the crisply baked dough, then you will find full of crushed bean jam inside.
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現在では20軒近くの駄菓子屋が、当時の面影を残しつつ菓子屋横丁を守っています。 様々な種類の駄菓子が並んでおり、ユニークな菓子の中からどれを買おうか迷っているとつい時間を忘れてしまいます。
電信柱も茶色に塗られており、その町並みや雰囲気に非常にマッチしています。 オタクカルチャーの中心地秋葉原には非常にユニークなショップがあります。

このガチャポンというのはワンコイン(100〜500 yen)を入れてレバーを「ガチャガチャ」回すと、「ポン!」とフィギュアやキーチェーン、シールなどが入ったカプセルが出てくるものです。
カプセルを開けるまで何が出てくるかわからないワクワク感やドキドキが子どもから大人までを虜にします。 ガチャポンにはドラゴンボールやエヴァンゲリオン、ワンピースなど様々なものがあり、中には非常にハイクオリティな商品が入っています。
毎週違ったシリーズのガチャポンを導入しているそうです 風雷神門を潜り浅草寺前に着くと、中央に人だかりができていることでしょう。



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