[Translation from Japanese to English ] The theme of this book is about life. The more one tries to master his life a...

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The theme of this book is about life. The more one tries to master his life and get more out of it, the more he feels there is a gap with his role in society. He also feels uneasiness with his family life; the shadow of death is hanging over him. Each troubled by their own worries, the various characters make their decisions.

Laura is a lady who lives in a good home. Blessed with a kind husband and a son, she is pregnant with a baby. Beneath the surface of a fulfilling family that evokes envy in anyone lies a person troubled by her worries. She has the thinking that not only does she have to be kind, but she also has to be a good wife and mother. But she understands that she is not that kind of person.
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- Posted at 20 Mar 2015 at 04:02
This book talks about life. The more you want to fulfill your life, the heavier are the burdens of obligation, gaps between social roles, insecurities about family life and shadow of death. Each character has its worries and has to make decision about it. Laura: she's living in a nice house with her gentle husband, son and baby in her belly. But behind the picture perfect family that anyone could envy, she is suffering. She is held prisoner of idea that she must be a good wife and good mother to be virtuous person. Understanding the feeling of not being yourself...
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Rating 52
Translation / English
- Posted at 20 Mar 2015 at 10:01
The theme of this book is about life. Throughout our lives, we have to overcome things like the gap in the roles of society, the anxiety of family life, and the shadows of death. The characters all have worries, and they make a decision at the end. Laura: With a kind husband, son and blessed with a baby in her womb, she was living with a happy family. She was suffering even though I am sure many would be envious of such a perfect family. Because of her goodness of her heart, she got caught up on the concept of whether she is a good wife and a good mother.


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