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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I confirmed with the shaft manufacturer. There was a typo on the specificatio...

tearz Translated by tearz
I confirmed with the shaft manufacturer. There was a typo on the specification of the shaft weight.
I apologize for the confusion.

The regular shaft weight is 49g.

STIFF SHAFT weight is 52g.

If you prefer the weight between 50 to 55g, I would recommend you STIFF SHAFT.

Either shafts are in stock and available for shipping.

Looking forward to your order.
User's Request Text

Regular shaftの重さは49gです。

STIFF SHAFTの重さは52gです。

お客様がもし、50gから55gの重さをお好みでしたらSTIFF SHAFTをお勧めいたします。



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