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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Please find the correct purchase order. We are sorry to trouble you, but plea...

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注文書を修正しましたので添付いたします。お手数ですが、Acknowledgement の修正をどうぞよろしくお願い致します。


Translated by transcontinents
Attahched is the corrected order sheet. Sorry for taking your time, but please kindly correct Acknowledgement.

You replied that the order sheet sent last time was equivalent to 10 pallets, so I have reduced order quantity this time and decided to place next order early next year to cover that. I think reduced quantitiy is equivalent of 1 pallet. Also, I added below 2 articles and deleted 1, please kindly check this, too.

I appreciate if you could load them into one 20 FT container.

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