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今回の症例は,Bという非典型的な部位に出現し,加えて特異的抗体であるAの免疫染色が陰性であったことから診断が非常に難しかったが,Rの免疫染色を行い,その後,Fの検査やFPの検索を行うことで,診断にたどり着くことができた. 非典型的な部位に出現し,加えてAの免疫染色が陰性の症例においては,Rの免疫染色が診断に有用である可能性があることが示された.
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In the present case, the symptoms manifested in the atypical location B, and in addition immunostaining for the specific antibody A resulted negative, making diagnosis extremely difficult. But immunostaining was carried out with R, and then F inspection and a search of [for?] FP were conducted, and as a result is was possible to arrive at a diagnosis. This shows that for cases that manifest in atypical locations and result negative for A immunostaining, there is a possibility that R immunostaining may be useful for diagnosis.

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