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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Intelligent-looking long A-line silhouette Appearance of bangs having been...

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Intelligent-looking long A-line silhouette

Appearance of bangs having been left uncut causing to disturb the hair movement
Added stacked layers cut longer in back and shorter in front above the chest.
The slide haircut of about 5 mm at 3 cm interval is applied to inner layers to make the hair movement easier.
The round haircut is applied to the bangs to make the length just above eyebrows.
The hair color is a 11 leveled antique ash.
Wind the middle of hair on perm rods of 24 mm and 26 mm while leaving the end of hair to make them voluminous.

Curl the end and middle of hair randomly using a 32 mm curling iron, then apply a gloss hair spray to emphasize the shine and hair movement.
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前髪はフィニッシュ時にオン ザ 眉毛になるようにラウンドカット


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