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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Never been so cute until I tried this beautiful bob style, forming chubby and...

nobeldrsd Translated by nobeldrsd
Never been so cute until I tried this beautiful bob style, forming chubby and rounded shape for adult, but still look casual.

If the side angle is cut longer in the front having a vellus hair, the unruly hair around your face can actually stand out due to the oblong silhouette effect. The side angle can be cut shorter in the front and make it look softer at the lip line with the mushroom layered style to emphasize the feminacy. The unruly hair around your face will be easy to handle by getting a natural straight perm on the front. Add a warm color keeping the brightness with this sweet orange color.
Apply soft wax loosely to the entire hair and you'll be ready to go.
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コロンとして丸みで自分史上最高に可愛く 大人カジュアルな美フォルムボブ


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