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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I was very scared that you, who I love, would know about me who won't be a wo...

bon_usa Translated by bon_usa
I was very afraid that you, my dearest friend, would know I diminished my femininity because of the disease, but I convinced myself that I have to tell what has happened and say good bye to you. If you forgive me and say that we are still friends, please upload the photos on your Instagram for me. I'm allowed to use only mobile phone in the hospital, not PC. Watching your beautiful face gives me great strength and comfort. I decided I would stay at home and do my best to become the doll designer after I leave the hospital. I'm not going to be like "Frida Kahlo" of Mexico. From now on I try to find things that I can enjoy. And I sincerely hope you have happy days in the future.
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