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放射線治療を受けることになると、担当医から紹介された放射線治療医の診察を受けます。放射線治療医は、がんの広がりや体の状態、これまでの検査や治療の内容をもとに、放射線治療を行うかどうか、どのように行うか、治療を行う場合の目的や副作用、ほかに行う治療などについて検討します。治療の前に、治療の方法、期待される効果、予想される治療期間、副作用などについてよく聞いておきましょう。 治療計画
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Preparation of radiation treatment and actual flow

Medical examination and explanation by doctor who treatsby radiation
When you are treated by radiation, you will see a doctor who treats you by radiation introduced by doctor who is in charge of you.

The doctor who treats you by radiation evaluates if you are treated by radiation, how to treat you by radiation, purpose and side effect when you are treated as well as other treatment conducted based on spreading of cancer, condition of your body as well as examinations you have had so far and contents of the treatment.

Before you are treated, you should know how you are treated, effect expected, treatment period expected and side effect, etc..
Treatment plan

By using CT, X ray simulator and computer(device for treatment plan), a doctor understands position of cancer and normal organ around it correctly. Then he or she evaluates at which position, from which direction and how much radiation is divided by how many times, and plans the treatment.

In order to radiate yout body correctly, sometimes fixing equipment is manufactured to stop the body moving while being treated. They also mark on the surface of skin and fixing equipment. Please do not erase the marking on the skin until you complete the treatment.

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