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定位放射線治療は、がん細胞に対して様々な方向から放射線を照射することで、正常な組織への照射を最小限にしながら、がん細胞には十分な量の放射線を集中的に照射することが可能です。また、画像誘導放射線治療(IGRT)の技術の一つであるcone beam CT(CBCT)を撮影することによって精度の高い位置照合が可能です。
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Radiation therapy is used not only as the radical radiation therapy for the purpose of complete healing but also as palliative radiation treatment for the purpose to reduce various symptoms caused by cancer.

It is possible to improve the quality of life by alleviating or eliminating the painful symptoms, even in an advanced cancer or in a recurred and spread cancer which are judged to be difficult to control.

Full recovery (mainly for cancers without distant metastases).
Eliminate or reduce pain caused by bone metastases.

Hemostases of bringing up bloody phlegm due to lung cancer and of melena due to gastric or colon cancers.

Improve difficulties in breathing due to lung cancer.

Reduce symptoms such as headache, nausea, paralysis due to brain metastases

High-precision radiation therapy is,

High-precision radiotherapy is capable of minimizing body burdens in patients, by locating the tumor in a three-dimensional image and by attacking the cancer cells efficiently with minimal side effects on healthy tissue.

Stereotactic radiation therapy delivers sufficiently intensive radiation to cancer cells, by delivering radiations from various angles to the cancer cells and by minimizing radiation on healthy tissue. Furthermore by taking a image of the cone beam CT (CBCT) which is one of image-guided radiation therapy technologies, high-precision position detection is possible.

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