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"From 1929’s innovatively crafted talking musical The Love Parade (Lubitsch’s first sound picture) up to 1934’s Code-rupturing threesome in Design For Living, Lubitsch worked strictly at sophisticated Paramount. (Also released in 1934, The Merry Widow was an MGM picture.) There, he became one of the studio’s top directors, a name audiences remembered just as they would Frank Capra’s—rare for a director at the time. For a brief spell, he was even Paramount’s Head Of Production, which, according to Lubitsch biographer Scott Eyman, was possibly related to the director’s quiet turmoil once Breen took over, and Lubitsch needed to “get out of the line of censorship fire and take some time to figure out what to do.”
After all, Lubitsch comedies were about sex, love, joy, and the messy human complications that come from voluptuous adventure. Breen and the Catholic Legion Of Decency held such ardors suspect, a wicked playground for lotharios and trollops. For Lubitsch, a romantic triangle or adultery wasn’t just the side story, it was often the central plot."
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Ved 1929 innovativ arbetet med talar-musiken The Love Parade (Lubitschs varsta sonen-picturen) till 1934s Code-rupturen tresom i Design for Living, Lubitsch arbetar i mitt sophistikatisk Paramount. Ocksa i 1934, The Merry Widow var MGM-picturen). Det han som studios top-direktoren, namnet vem publiken ken kom Frank Capra, inte commun for den tid. For en bref-spellen, han var Paramounts Produktionledaren, vad, ved Scott Eyman, biografien, var ved direktoren myrket med Breens ledaren, och Lubitsch vill "ge utanfor censorens mot och som developen hans ideé".
Efterall, Lubitsch var ved sex, alskad, roligt och "messy" manniskans curvator adventuren. Breen och den Katoliken Tusenden av Lagom blive det sin var for lotharios och prostituen. For Lubitsch, den romantiken triangle eller adulteretet var inte side-tale, det var centralen.

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