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タイトル名: ぴよあっぷ


ルールはカンタン。ふわ〜っと次々落ちてくる“ぴよ”をタップ! より空高くまで飛ばして新記録を目指そう!! “ぴよ”が一匹でも地面に落ちてしまったらゲームオーバーだよ。たまに出てくるアイテムをゲットすると、数秒間お助け効果が発動して大逆転! 巨大な“でかぴよ”はタップ連打してふっ飛ばせ!
Game CenterやLINEの友だちと遊ぶと、楽しさUP! ゲーム中に友だちのアイコンと最高距離が表示されて、ランキングを競ったりできるよ。

Translated by sujiko

Explanation of game
In the peaceful suburbs of Kanto
Biyo which suddenly falls down.
What will become of Biyo?
Let's tap "Biyo" and break atmosphere!

How to play
The rule is easy. Tap Biyo, which falls down as if flying, one after another!
Fly them to sky as high as possible, and aim to make a new record!

If even 1 "Biyo" falls on the ground, the game is over.
If we get an item that we hardly see, the situation will be upside down by start of support effect for a few minutes.

Fly huge "Biyo" by tapping continuously!
Let's play with friend!
If we play at game center or with friend of LINE, we will enjoy more.
During playing game, longest distance and an icon of friend are displayed and
we can compete for ranking.

The heart required for game is recovered by 1 every certain time. With "PiyoUpp", we can play at free of charge until the end, but if heart is not enough, it is not an item at free of charge where we can purchase.
When we turn off function of imposing money , please turn it off in application from the screen of setting device you use.

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