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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] There are cases that require additional time for processing the marks. [Te...

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Scheduled to be released on Nov 14, reservations are welcomed! A worn model in the 2014 FIFA world cup Brazil and an authentic home court uniform (varsity specs) used by the Japan representative. A design using a neo-colored "Unity single line" in the back using the "Huddle" concept. This single line becomes a big circle when the players are gathered in a circle during the pitch. There are 11 lines that spread out from JFA emblem on the chest and express the players to spread the pitch after gathering around in a circle. Tight fit silhouette. It is possible to request for an official name and number markings. There may be a need for more time for processing marks.

【Technology】The actualization of the lightest 90 g (L size) Adidas in history, it utilizes【adizero la・ito】which enables more comfort and easier movements. The mesh material and the back area ventilation comes equipped with the [Climacool] feature which enables good air permeability and excellent drying of sweat.
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【テクノロジー】アディダス史上最軽量90g(Lサイズ)を実現し、より快適な着用感と動きやすさを実現した【adizero la・ito】を採用。メッシュ素材と背中部分のベンチレーションが優れた通気性・吸汗速乾性を実現する「クライマクール」機能搭載。

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