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Sixty-Year Battle of Claiming Commonage

Mie Amano, the "Last Witness" of the Kitafuji Conflict, Passes Away

She Feared the Conflict Would Slip into Oblivion Throuth Time

Mie Amano, of Oshino-Oshikusa Town, the executive officer of the organization "Mothers of Oshikusa" died, ending her long battle against Yamanashi Prefecture and the State claiming the commonage of Kitafuji drill field held by Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. Her memorial service was held in Fuji-Yoshida City on October 7. She was 85.

She played the central role in "Mothers of Oshikusa," always dressed in the traditional Japanese female workers' pants and wide-rimmed crested cap, she restlessly led the organization claiming "the land of our ancestors to be returned."

The conflict itself had already been ebbing away--the organization discontinued its activity three years ago after the series of deaths of the symbolic figures like Shigenori Amano, the fater of the struggle, and Kimie Watanabe, the Director of "Mothers of Oshikisa."

"I have no regret, having been able to carry on our struggle for Oshino-Village. I just hate to see the yonger generation is growing up without any historical knowledge of our struggle," once said Amano, the last living witness. To her last moment she was worried this piece of history would be lost in oblivion.
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