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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Currently, the intravenous-injection treatment for midazolam is undergoing cl...

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「ポイント」・てんかん(けいれん)重積状態は, 乳幼児と高齢者に多い. ・原因は多様であり, 予後は, 基本的に原疾患に左右され, 治療に際しては複雑な要因が関与するので絶対的な方法はない. ・けいれん発作が長く続くほど止まりにくくなり, その後の脳の発達に影響する. ・わが国で2009年12月より静注用フェノバルビタール(ノーベルバール(R)), 2011年12月にフォスフェニトイン(ホストイン(R))が適応承認となったことは福音である.
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[Point]: The Status Epilepticus (convulsive state) is frequently observed for the infants and the elderly. Since there is wide variety of causes, the prognosis depends on the primary disease so that there is no absolute medical treatment due to the complicated factors. If the developed convulsive seizer prolonged longer, it becomes hard to be stopped, and as a result, it may affect the brain development after then. It is the good news that two drugs, the Phenobarbital (Nobelbar®) since December 2009 and the fosphenytoin (Fostin®), have been put into the market as the approved drug labels.
Translated by sujiko
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