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[Translation from Japanese to English ] We acknowledge that your company is the most trusted company in this business...

[Deleted Account] Translated by [Deleted Account]
We acknowledge that your company is the most trusted company in this business field.
We did not have any doubt about authenticity, but purely we wanted to inquire those things.
Please don’t be worried because we have full trust on your company.

It is really unfortunate for us that we cannot purchase RBZ Tour 8.
Is it possible you to remove listing from eBay if we purchase the items at your suggested price?
We would like to purchase them rather large quantity because of increasing demand in Japan.
If it is difficult to remove listing, would you please let us know the obtained items prior to listing at eBay? It will help us very much.
Thank you for your continuing support.
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RBZ Tour 8が直接購入できず、非常に残念です。

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