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[Translation from Japanese to English ] (Tama-hagane steel is forged by the techniques handed on to generations from ...

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We appreciate that you have accepted our strict terms and condition except one of those.

Although we have been communicating with you only by the email, we feel that we shall emulate your enthusiasm and a negotiating capability.

We understand the quite expensive import taxes and duties in your country.

However, if you accept our previously offered price (30% off for the sword and shipping charge respectively), how much will be your marketing price in your country?

If your price is not cheaper than what we have been worried about, we don’t mind you to go on.

Yasuki Hagane and Tama Hagane are almost same steel material in quality, but there is sight difference over their long history.

Tama Hagane is produced by using the method handed on to the generation to generation from ancient times,
(Tama-hagane steel is forged by the techniques handed on to generations from ancient times.)

Yasuki-hagane steel is a sophistication of Tama-hagane steel undergone the modern forging techniques to enhance the metal's purity and quality.

As for the way of making a knife, as with us being a team of sword smiths, note that many of sword smithing techniques are adopted, naturally.

I cannot reveal the secret techniques, however, we split the body of soft iron to insert Yasuki-hagane steel in-between. This technique accounts for the sharpness of our knives.

I attach a drawing to show the process.

You may use the pictures to be sent for ● and your website, including the ones of us at work. Use them to make our knives at large in the world.
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古代から続く技法で作られているのが玉鋼で その玉鋼をより純度と品質を高めるために近代的工法を作って進化させた鋼が安来鋼です






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