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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The item WF01 which was ordered on June 21st, has an initial failure. It has...

dream522 Translated by dream522
The item WF01 which was ordered on June 21st, has an initial failure.
It has a problem in its performance and cannot be controlled.
My client wishes to have this item exchanged.
If the exchanging item also has an initial failure, it will cause a big problem, so please check its performance before you ship it out.
Please send the item so that it arrived to our company before July 8th.

WF01 that our client is going to send back to us should arrive at our company within two or three days. After arrival, I will check its performance for a reconfirmation. If it is true that the item has an initial performance failure, shall we send it back to you?

Hope to hear from you via e-mail.

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