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観光庁は6月14日に「第3回MICE国際競争力強化委員会」を開催。世界に遅れを取る、我が国MICE ビジネス復活を図る施策の最終とりまとめを行なった。


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A MICE's practical prescription

"The MICE's third international competence reinforcement commission" held by Japan Tourism Agency on 14 June. The last arrangement of policies to strive for resurgence of MICE's business in our country, which is falling behind the world.

6 proposals were presented as below;
(1)Grobal standardization of behavior norms, (2)Upgrading MICE's marketing, (3)Propulsion of cooperation and coordination as a team, (4)Reinforcement of business provided by solution from customers' point of view, (5)Coping with reinforcement of organizations and human resource development, (6)Strategic practical use of MICE.
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Practical prescription for MICE

The Japan Tourism Agency held the third MICE Conference for the enhancement of international competitiveness on Jun 14th. They finalized the discussion to take measures to restore the MICE business in Japan which falls behind the world.

They made the following six proposals:
1) Global standardization of code of conduct, 2) Sophistication of the MICE marketing, 3) Promotion of cooperation and liaison as a team, 4) Enhancement of solution business based on customers' perspectives, 5) Strengthening of ties in the organization and development of human resources, 6) Strategic utilization of MICE.

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Practical prescriptions for Japan’s MICE efforts

On June 14th, the Japan Tourism Agency held “the third committee meeting of strengthening its MICE International competitivenss” and summarized the final views on policies to revitalize the country’s MICE business, which is lagging behind the rest of the world.

At the meeting, the committee made 6 proposals: 1) global standardization of behavioral criteria, 2) enhancement of MICE marketing, 3) implementation of cooperation and collaboration as a team, 4) enhancement of business that provides customer-oriented solutions, 5) organization reinforcement and human resource development, 6) strategic utilization of MICE policies.


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