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[Translation from Japanese to English ] ●This rich tomato juice uses plenty of fruit-tomato born in Italy and grown u...

hana Translated by hana
* Fine tomato juice made of plenty of Italian tomatoes grown in Takayama (City).

* A tomato is an excellent source of healthy nutrition, including lycopene, which has been receiving a lot of attention. Lycopene contains some elements effective to lighten the skin tone and to prevent arterial sclerosis.

* The antioxidant contained in lycopene is 100 times that of vitamin E and twice that of beta carotene. By defeating free radicals, it works great in maintaining your good health every day.

* 100 % tomato juice with no additives, no sodium, to taste pure.

* Enjoy a little bit of daily luxury at your table.

* May contain some settled peel, seeds, and fiber of tomato. Shake well beforehand.
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