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東京観光財団は、このほど「Tokyo Meeting Planner’s Guide2013-2014」を発刊した。



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Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau has recently published "The Tokyo Meeting Planner's Guide 2013-2014".

This guidebook, entirely written in English, provides information regarding business events held in Tokyo for organizers of international conferences and meeting planners.

This is the third edition of the guide, the first edition of which was released in 2006, is newly designed to put much emphasis on the appearance and make it more user friendly. Abundant area information was also added to the basic information included in the list of facilities to improve the convenience of the guidebook.
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Tokyo convention and visitors bureau has recently established 'Tokyo Meeting Planner's Guide2013-2014'

The whole book is written in English, and introducing events related to business which will be held in Tokyo, for international conference organizer or meeting planner.

This is 3rd edition of the guide book since the first edition was published in 2006, they refurbish the design, more focused on visuals through to make reader-friendly magazine, Also, it is more convenience guide book which includes good source of information of the surrounding areas as well as basic information of facilities.

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- Posted at 04 Jun 2013 at 11:46
The Tokyo sightseeing foundation published the "Tokyo Meeting Planner's Guide 2013-2014."
The business event pertinent information on Tokyo is introduced towards an overseas international conference sponsor and meeting planner in whole-volume English.
A design is renewed this time which will be the 3rd edition from 06 years of issue published by the first, more legible space was realized by putting visual serious consideration into practice, and also in institution introduction, in addition to basic data, surrounding area information is indicated abundantly, and it has become a guidebook with higher convenience.
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