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[Translation from English to Japanese ] He might win more respectable backing.'But look at his age, his name.' Octavi...

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He might win more respectable backing.'But look at his age, his name.' Octavianus lacked auctoritas.On the other hand, he was the heir of the Dictator, a revolutionary under the sign of the avenging of Caesar.Of that purpose, no secret.To be sure, he offered a safeguard to the conservatives by permitting one of the assassins of Caesar to be elected tribune -merely a political gesture, easily made and easily revoked.More significant and most ominous was the speech delivered in Rome, the solemn oath with hand outstretched to the statue of Caesar the Dictator. Cicero in alarm confessed the ruinous alternatives:'if Octavianus won power, the acta of Caesar would be more decisively confirmed than they were on March.'
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