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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Hello! Please read it until the end ⇒ This software is for Japanese PS2. (Reg...

kawaii Translated by kawaii
Hello! Please read it until the end ⇒ This software is for Japanese PS2. (Region Code 2) It is difficult to replay it on any hardwares except Japanese PS2. ☆There is a slight scratch on the case but the condition of the disc is really good. ☆If there is any problem, you can return it to Amazon. ☆The product is stocked at the U.S. Amazon warehouse. So the product can be shipped without shipping fee everyday. ☆Besides this product, we also stock many interesting Japanese game softwares at the Amazon warehouse so please check them out. ☆Thank you for visiting our store. (^^)/
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こんにちは!最後まで読んでね⇒このソフトは日本のPS2専用です。(リージョンコード2)日本のPS2以外のハード機器では再生が困難です。 ☆商品の状態はケースに薄い傷がありますがディスクの状態は良好です。 ☆もし商品に問題があればアマゾンへ返品できます。 ☆商品は米アマゾン倉庫にありますので送料無料で毎日発送が可能です。 ☆この他にも日本の面白いゲームソフト多数アマゾン倉庫へ納品してますので是非ご覧になって下さい。 ☆お店を訪ねてくれてありがとう。(^^)/

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