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[Translation from Japanese to English ] If an item is also available in Japan, we can take care of your car's parts a...

kawaii Translated by kawaii
If an item is also available in Japan, we can take care of your car's parts as well. We can ship you the parts for the car's interior, head lamp cover made by PPE, and muffler cutter, etc to you with no issue.
But please note that Japanese EMS has some restrictions. The weight should be less than 30kg. The maximal length should be 1.5m and the total added lengths should be up to 3m.
If the item cannot meet the above restrictions, we will have to use DHL o FedEx. If so, the shipping cost will be a little higher so I will let you know beforehand.
Furthermore, please note that the parts requires oil or combustible gas cannot be shipped.
Is 86 black in color? Or dark gray?
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