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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I have not yet received the record I ordered in December. It bothers me that ...

14pon Translated by 14pon
I still have not received the record (訳注:レコードが複数枚ならsをつけてrecordsにしてください)I made a reservation of purchase in last December. AAA has been acting like they were totally innocent, which is disgusting to me. No apologies to me at all?
Today, I filed an offense report to CBBB(The Council of Better Business Bureaus) through CCJ (Cross-Border Consumer Center Japan) and to the local police here.
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12月に予約したレコードですが未だに送られてきません。AAAレコードは完全に開き直っていてとても不快です。謝罪は無いのですか?私は、今日付けで日本の消費者庁越境消費者センター(Cross-Border Consumer Center Japan:CCJ)を通じてCBBB(The Council of Better Business Bureaus)と警察に被害届を出しました。

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