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第1条 (秘密保持の対象)
1.本契約における秘密保持の対象は、第4条の有効期間中に、甲からの依頼に係る翻訳・校閲業務 (以下、「本業務」という。) を乙が遂行するにあたり、乙が知り得た次の情報及び資料 (以下、「秘密情報」という。) とする。
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Article 1 (Object of Confidentiality)

1. The object of the confidentiality in this contract is any information defined in the following respective items (hereinafter “the secret”) which the second party learned in the course of the translation and revision works (hereinafter “the work”) which the first party requested to the second party during the term of validity in Article 4.

1) Any and all information or data in the form of oral or document which the first party discloses to the second party in order that the second party carries out the work appropriately and smoothly.
2) Any and all information regarding to the first party which the second party learned in the course of the work in visual, auditory, or any other forms.

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