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[Translation from Japanese to English ] どれだけの楽しい日々が過ぎてしまったことか。どれだけの崇め拝むための夜が過ぎ去ってしまったことか。今や1本の燭光もなく、詠う1編の詩もない。 肩幅が広く...

Original Texts
How many good days go by! How many nights useful
for worship go by, and not one candle is lit or one
poem sung!
How many sculptors work the whole day with large
shoulders and hair whitened with stone dust making
a stature of you, and then as dusk comes carry it
to the river and throw it in.
She is still in the temple, but no one gives Her food or
Takes food from Her, in this ignorance that never ends.
Translated by beanjambun

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